What Are Torsion Springs?

Torsion springs are a type of industrial spring that stores and releases energy by twisting or rotating around a central axis. They are chosen for their ability to provide precise torque, maintain tension, and control rotational motion, making them essential in many mechanical systems.

Apex’s torsion springs are made from a variety of materials, including chrome silicon, music wire, pre-coated material, and stainless steel. They are offered in wire sizes ranging from .018” to .156” in diameter.

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Torsion springs are a subset of wire-formed components, and their popularity can vary depending on the needs of specific industries.

Here are some popular types of torsion springs and the various industries where they are commonly used:


Single torsion springs are the most basic type of torsion spring, consisting of a helical coil of wire wound in a single direction. When you twist the ends of the spring, it stores energy, and when released, it exerts a torque or rotational force.

  • Automotive Industry
    Used in various vehicle components like door handles, trunk lids, and seat recliners.
  • Aero Space Industry
    Used in control surfaces, landing gear, and flight control systems.
  • Industrial Machinery
    Used in various types of machinery for controlling and positioning components.


Double torsion springs consist of two helical coils connected by a central element. When you twist the ends of the spring, both coils wind or unwind simultaneously, producing a torque in opposite directions. Double torsion springs are often used when a counterbalancing effect is required.

  • Medical Devices
    Often used in medical instruments, surgical tools, and devices requiring precise torque control.
  • Electronics 
    Used in various components like switches and connectors.
  • Aerospace Industry
    When a counterforce or torque is needed in both directions.


Close-wound torsion springs are wound tightly with minimal space between the coils. These springs are ideal when space is limited and high torque is needed. They offer more resistance to bending and can provide a strong return force.

  • Garage Doors
    These springs are commonly used to counterbalance the weight of garage doors. (NOTE: Apex does not manufacture garage door springs)
  • Agricultural Equipment
    Used in machinery such as plows, cultivators, and more to provide torsion and resistance.
  • Industrial Equipment
    Various machines and equipment use close-wound torsion springs to torque and rotation control.


  • Automotive and Transportation
    Used in vehicle suspensions and seating systems.
  • Furniture Industry
    Found in recliners, chairs, and other furniture pieces.
  • Farm Equipment
    Used in machinery like hay balers and seeders.

Leg Configuration

Torsion springs can have various leg configurations, such as straight legs, hinged legs, or other custom shapes. The leg design can impact the spring’s behavior and how it fits into the overall system.

  • Industrial Manufacturing
    These are employed in conveyor systems, assembly line equipment, and other automation uses.
  • Oil and Gas Industry
    Used in valves, wellhead equipment, and drilling tools.
  • Sporting Goods
    Found in various sports equipment like golf clubs, fishing rods, and exercise machines.

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Advantages of Using Torsion Springs

Torsion springs offer several advantages due to their unique design and characteristics. Here are some of the advantages of using torsion springs

Compact Design

Torsion springs are typically more compact and space-efficient than other types of springs, such as compression or extension springs, making them suitable when limited space is available.


Torsion springs are versatile and can be customized in size, material, and design to suit various industries, from automotive components to industrial machinery.

Smooth and Controlled Motion

Torsion springs provide smooth and controlled rotational motion, which is crucial when jerky or sudden movements are undesirable.

Consistent Force

Torsion springs can provide a consistent and reliable force throughout their operating range, making them suitable when constant torque or tension is required.

Adjustable Torque

The torque output of torsion springs can often be adjusted by changing parameters like the wire diameter, coil diameter, or the number of coils, allowing for customization to meet specific requirements.

Reliable for Repetitive Cycles

Torsion springs are well-suited for many repetitive cycles, as they can maintain their performance characteristics over many cycles without significant degradation or failure.

Why You Should Choose Apex Spring & Stamping

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Apex Spring & Stamping provides world-class manufacturing anywhere in the USA. Apex has served customers in the recreational, automotive, office furniture, medical, appliance, and consumer markets for over 45 years.

Whether you require small springs and clips or large stampings, wireforms, slides, multislides, and assemblies, Apex can create and deliver small prototypes or late runs.Need help determining the right torsion spring for your application? Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our experienced team members, or call us at 616.453.5463 to get a no-obligation quote for your company.

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