One of the most valuable services that we provide is our engineering support. Our degreed engineers are experts in metal and spring design and also the manufacturing process. Their input will ensure that you have a part or assembly that will not only be functional but also cost effective. Meet some of the team on our blog!

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Value provided by our Engineering Group includes

  • Spring Load Analysis
  • Life Cycle Testing
  • Process evaluation and optimization
  • Metallurgy reporting and recommendations
  • Ability to create and modify part drawings
  • Provide plating and coating options to meet application
  • requirements
  • Tolerance and stack up evaluation
  • Assembly analysis and design for manufacturing
  • Stress and Failure analysis
  • Reverse engineering capabilities



FAQ’s About Selecting Material

The Apex team will consider all factors in order to select the right material for your project. Got Questions? We answer them here.

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