Experienced Sales and Engineering Team Provides Exceptional Solutions

Since 1977, the Apex Spring and Stamping team has worked hard to solve customers’ challenges, including challenges in engineering.  It takes an entire company effort to provide the final product, be on time and exceed expectations. But kicking off that process is our dedicated group of sales engineers and their team. Many of our customers depend on us to help design and engineer their products. This service is one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors. Our team is highly skilled, and truly excels in providing a valuable design to make products a success.

Working with our Engineering Team

The goal of the sales and engineering team is to provide you with knowledge and solutions. Their job is to act as a consultant and partner.  They access your needs through listening, asking questions, and finally they provide recommendations. The team’s priority is to provide information to help you make the best decision for your project. Throughout the process they are dedicated to keeping you informed. This partnership is part of what makes Apex’s relationships strong and long lasting.

Added Value

The following are several examples of the partnership experience our team provides. These are ways we put your needs first, deliver on our promises, and provide superior service and solutions.

Material Science

At times, our team will encourage you to consider alternative material.  We may recommend you go to a stronger wire for your spring requirement because we feel the chosen material might get over stressed. Our knowledge in material science says we have a duty and responsibility to inform you. We want the product to be a success.

On-time delivery

We are committed to delivering your product on time. This includes clear communication of needs and deadlines. Our ability to deliver is one of our competitive strengths.  It definitely separates us from our competition.

Keeping You Informed and Following Up

Communication is key, and we are committed to keeping you informed.  We will contact you and confirm you received the CAD drawings.  We will ask about final quantities so we are able to quote accurately.  Also, during the process we may recognize an opportunity to save valuable time and money.  When this happens we’ll let you know.  For instance, it may be wise to consider having Apex assemble the final project that includes parts from Apex and from other vendors. Whatever the situation, we’ll stay connected and communicate regularly.

Meet The Team

Leading Apex’s charge in providing exceptional service are three Apex sales engineers.  They take the time to listen to customer needs, and provide the right solution. The team also works together often to critically think, troubleshoot, brainstorm, and problem solve.  All together, a strong team, working to build solid relationships, and high quality products.  The following will introduce you to our key sales engineer team members.

Heading up our sales engineering team is Tom Little. He is an Apex veteran of 36 years with extensive knowledge in the automotive, office and consumer product markets. His engineering career has been exclusively in the spring, stamping and wireform industry. He is a pillar in Apex’s reputation of helping customers find solutions to difficult engineering challenges. Many times Tom has turned the napkin drawings into the needed 3D cad models, and it’s just what the customer needed.

Another key member of the sales engineer team is Tom Walkons.  His engineering expertise has developed many solutions for our customers. He’s been an Apex team member for the past 10 years, and has built strong relationships with customers who rely on his expertise and knowledge.  He also has extensive knowledge in the automotive, EV auto, office and agricultural industries.

Additionally, the next key member of the sales and engineering team, is TJ Tygesen. TJ has been with Apex for 7 years.  As a talented engineer he’s continued to gain vital knowledge and expertise in the automotive, medical and consumer product industries. TJ focuses on building strong relationships, finding the right solution, and keeping delivery, quality, and price, front and center.

Can Our Engineering Services Help You?

Whatever the challenge, whatever the need, the Apex sales and engineering team is ready to help you find the right solution.  We have an extensive supplier base to help with mating components, assembly, and problem solving.  We model in Solidworks as our native software, which can be imported back to your native CAD software.  Contact us today or Request A Quote to get the conversation started and learn more about how we can partner together to accomplish more!

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