An Attitude of Servanthood and Partnership

When asked why Apex is different and why we are worthy of your business, we can always provide a list of technical attributes. Evidence like highly experienced engineering support, a wide array of capabilities and machinery, long standing supplier relationships, competitive pricing, and on time delivery. But what really matters is our attitude and approach. It is one of servanthood, partnership, humility, and confidence. When you work with our team, you get a one on one relationship, hands on support, transparency in communication, and a commitment like no other. Your project becomes our product and doing the best we can is always the ultimate goal.

Engineering Employees At Work At Apex

Customer First Approach

Since the beginning, Apex has always focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our team listens first and asks important questions to determine the best course of action. After all, we are here to help you meet your requirements and the requirements of your customers.

High Quality Standards

We hold high standards in regards to the quality of our products and services. We also understand we can’t be successful without a good quality management system. Therefore, we become the fist spring company in the state of Michigan to become ISO certified. Our quality teams not only ensure we are following our systems but work hard at building relationships with our customers and help provide solutions should an issue arise.

“I really appreciate you jumping on this to get the parts up here. Now we will only be down for an hour and a half, instead of most of the day! Your team rocks!

Satisfied Apex Customer

“Seriously, Apex is the best to work with.  You ship on time, send good parts, are quick to communicate and let me know right away about anything important.  You make my life a lot easier!”

Customer In The Automotive Industry

“Highly recommend working with Apex.  Very seamless from serial life programs to new programs.  They are a very knowledgeable and professional staff to work with and solve complex business projects.”

Satisfied Apex Customer

Apex Sales Team

Experience Matters

Our experiences are what has allowed us to operate at a superior level. We have learned over the years how to manage materials and are able to keep emergency stock. We have also developed our own advanced scheduling algorithms that are able to forecast your planning requirements.  This allows us to operate on an accurate and on time schedule. In addition, we have built strong relationships with our suppliers who share our same values. All of these things are possible because of our experience. We are well equipped to meet your needs whether domestic or international.


We believe that we have a responsibility to protect our environment and to minimize our carbon footprint. Therefore, we have invested in renewable energy with a 122 kilowatt solar farm. This facility generates over 140 MWh of electricity every year, reducing our carbon footprint by over 90 tons of CO2 emissions.

Click here to view our most current Steelcase Annual Supplier Emissions Reporting Form.

Close up photo of the solar panels on the solar farm at the Apex Main plant.