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What We Offer

We are Customer Focused

Since the beginning, Apex has always focused on exceeding our customers’ expectations. We do this by working on “how can we help?” Our friendly team listens carefully to how we can assist you, so that you can meet the requirements your customers have set forth for you.

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Customer Focused

We have an incredible team that is customer focused. We make sure to keep our customer’s needs and product requirements in mind throughout the entire process.

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Experienced Scheduling

We have developed our own scheduling algorithms that give us your needed forecast and planning requirements which provides us sufficient lead time to produce parts.

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Emergency Stock

We carry sufficient safety stock in the event of an emergency.

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Strong Supplier Relationships

We have developed strong relationships with our suppliers that share our customer focused mentality.

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How We Do It

Just In Time Delivery


One of our core competitive strengths is our
ability to get your product to you when we promised it. We are committed to meeting your
deadlines and meeting the demands your customers place on you.


Meeting the needs
of our domestic and international customers.