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Apex Spring and Stamping provide cost-effective in-house manufacturing of stampings, blanking, bending, drawing, swedging, and chamfering. Our in-house tool and die experience lets us provide manufactured parts complete and sometimes eliminating secondary operations. (Reduced Costs to our customers)  The value of having a different process in-house between our metal forming areas gives us the advantage to provide tooling and pricing with the greatest value. (Progressive stamping, multi-slide, and fourslide technologies.)

Material Types

  • Spring steel (SAE-1050- SAE-1095) annealed and pre-tempered
  • Cold-rolled (CRS-1008-CRS-1010)
  • Brass, Beryllium copper)
  • Stainless steel (301-304)
  • Aluminum
  • Pre-tempered (martensite, stainless steel, brass)

Capacity of Our Press Equipment

  • (18) 45 – 200 ton gap frame presses
  • Press bed sizes range from 16.0” x 31.5” (45 ton) to 34.0” x 57.0” (200 ton)
  • In die sensing (standard on all tools)
  • Inline (die) tapping – reduced processes/handling
  • In die staking – reduced processes/handling
  • Customer specific designs
  • Low to high volume run capabilities