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Multiside (or “fourslide”) forming is a metal stamping process requiring special equipment, skill, and manufacturing systems.
This technology permits very complex part geometries, typically for small parts.

Multislide/fourslide stamping is a cost-effective process for complex parts in large volume part runs (due to the time required to set up the many tooling components). It can also be an economical solution for short-run part production, particularly when tooling costs are considered.


  • Capable of holding moderate to tight part tolerances
  • Drilling and tapping and assembly can be performed in-die, thus avoiding a secondary operation
  • Multiple and complex compound bends and forms can be performed with ease
  • Multislide stamping generally has a lowers tooling cost when compared to more expensive progressive die
  • Generally, Multislides reduce material usage and therefore cost, compared to traditional manufacturing approaches with complex carry systems
  • Material may be purchased to finished width, reducing scrap between parts.