Introducing The Apex Shipping Department

The shipping department at Apex is the final step in the manufacturing process. It is responsible for ensuring customers get the parts that they need, when they need it. Our shipping facility is fully stocked with parts that can be shipped out at any moment. The following describes the many steps necessary to process each shipment. Including the people who make it happen and what that means for you, the customer!

The Boxing Process

While the shipping department does not manufacture parts, they do very important tasks. The first step in the process is the boxing clerks. This is a two man job. The team receives the parts on pallets and either piles the parts into bins or stores them in totes. Once these parts are received they are weighted and placed into boxes. During this process the team is also doing a final inspection. This is how it works, the first person boxes the parts, and the second person puts labels on the boxes. Once boxed, the parts will live there until the customer opens them. Next they either shelve the parts or immediately ship them to the customers. The boxing clerks must make sure the parts they receive go into the proper location and are labeled correctly. This process ensures that the customer gets the proper amount of parts and that they can be accessed quickly to be shipped.

We asked a few of the boxing clerks some questions about their job, and about the culture of Apex. Jonah, a boxing clerk, has worked at Apex for 8 years! He said,

“A strength of the shipping department is that we are able to be flexible and adapt to any position within the department.”

He also mentioned that, “The ability to adapt comes from a focus on teamwork and the fun that we have from working with one another”.

His quotes prove to be true when we look into the consistency of this department. Our parts get boxed quickly and accurately, so they can be delivered to the customer on time, every time. Adaptability and teamwork are vital in the success of this department.

The Picking Process

The next step in the process is “The Picker.” This position is a one man job, typically done by Sam, a young man who is a great team member! Sam receives orders from customers that need to be filled and sent out immediately. Sam reviews the orders, identifies the part number in the system, grabs the item from its location, and prepares it to be shipped. We asked Sam what was his favorite part of his job, and he said,

“ I love that my job allows me to stay physically active,” and that “at the end of the work day I feel very accomplished knowing that I did my job well.”

We asked him what he believes the greatest strength of Apex shipping is. His response was one that is echoed by all of his fellow employees,

“Cooperation, in my opinion, is the Apex Shipping Department’s greatest strength.”

Completing Customer Orders

The next part of the process is completing dock orders. When completing orders we put a second label on the boxes before they get shipped out. This is the last task before the items are wrapped and placed onto the truck to be delivered to the customers. This position is filled by Mike, who is a valuable member of the team! Another key team member is James, who manages a variety of tasks such as loading and unloading trucks, checking in parts, boxing parts, and even managing the facility when the shipping and receiving supervisor is gone. This position is vital in the efficiency of the shipping department and is a great illustration of why Apex Shipping is so effective. All the members of the team are dynamic, adaptable, and willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done!

Department Leadership

The shipping department is led by Jarad. He knows the system, the parts we box, and the customers we ship to like the back of his hand. His position is in charge of making sure everything is running smoothly and getting shipped out on time. This position also requires adaptability as you could find Jarad helping out anywhere in the department, while keeping on the same page with production.

Teamwork and Dedication

Some theorize that fun and work cannot go together. Our shipping department believes that consistent, effective work is more likely to happen when the work environment is healthy and fun! Cameron, a shipping clerk, was asked what his favorite aspect of his job is, and he said,

“The people I work with are my favorite part of the job because they create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.”

A response like this seems to be the theme of our shipping department, and it’s really no wonder why they continually meet deadlines that require teamwork in order to fulfill. One glimpse into our shipping building and anyone could quickly tell what our “secret” to success is; we work together, we work hard, and we enjoy doing it.

You Can Trust Apex

The processes of the Apex shipping department are seamless and efficient. The products we make here at Apex are made with the goal to exceed the consumer expectations. That includes our shipping department and our dedication to consistently delivering those quality products on time. When it comes to products, service, and people, we look to go above and beyond in meeting and exceeding customer needs! How can we help you with your next project?  Start a conversation by Requesting A Quote or Contacting Us today.

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