“Our customer was shocked and at the same time amazed at the quick action of the Apex team. We were able to deliver and ship a finished product within five business days.”

Written by Tom Walkons, Sales & Engineering at Apex Spring & Stamping

The US is the largest market segment for the RV Industry and over the past year, the demand for recreational vehicles has dramatically increased. With this influx in sales from coast to coast, RV manufacturers have been scrambling to meet the demands of the industry. But with a broken supply chain, gaining access to quality parts and meeting deadlines has not been easy. Recently, Apex experienced this first hand. Here’s what happened…

A new customer, who had been working with their long-term supplier, ran into a major delivery issue. The supplier, who had been supplying them with a very specific spring with a quick turnaround to refresh inventory, suddenly raised their delivery time to an 8 week lead time. With the urgency in the industry, this was not an option for them. They needed their parts now.

The Search

When searching for a new spring source, our new customer found Apex Spring and Stamping while doing a search online. They contacted our sales team to see if we would be able to solve their problem and meet their deadlines. The absence of this specific spring was holding up an entire assembly. It was crucial that the inventory be refreshed in order for the assembly to keep things moving forward.

Pictures and specs were relayed to Apex’s engineering team and in less than 24 hours after the initial inquiry, Apex delivered a new drawing and quote for the customer to review. Apex’s lead time: 5 business days. The order was placed, Apex took action, and the product was shipped as promised.

This customer was shocked and at the same time amazed at the quick action of the Apex team. In today’s market, it is almost impossible to find a manufacturer (in any industry) that can deliver and ship a finished product within five business days. With a simple search and an easy phone call, we’ve opened up a partnership with a newfound customer and created an opportunity to collaborate on other products and ideas.

The Supply Chain

While the recent Covid pandemic and supply chain challenges have hampered many manufacturers, Apex continues to look for ways to stay consistent and provide outstanding services. We want to be a resource to new clients and provide solutions that help overcome their challenges.

No matter the industry, Apex is equipped with knowledge and experience to deliver quality, innovation, and exceptional service. We are here to help. It’s our motto and it continues to be the heartbeat of how we function and serve our customers every day.

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