In order to secure our position as an industry leader, we continue to allocate resources to new equipment and technology. This will help insure that you get the best product possible at the best possible price.

High Speed Networks

Our front office and shop floor is connected with a high-speed wired & wireless network. This infrastructure, allows us to connect machines, scanners, vision systems, and many other types of devices together to create a cohesive & quick work flow for our employees.

This also allows for real-time data to be captured at many different stages of the manufacturing process to help with planning, quality, and reporting purposes.


Packaging and shipping options can be tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Bar coding is standard on all packaging labels and offers you the convenience of automated receiving and inventory control.

Custom changes can easily be made to accommodate the data you need.

CAD/CAM Software

We use a variety of software programs that can accept your math and 3D data making it easier to communicate. This makes it easy for our engineers to take the data you provide to generate prints, help with design, and ultimately manufacturer a quality part to your specific data.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

We are fully setup to send and receive EDI data to streamline communication and data.

  • Send out 856 Advanced Shipping Notices
  • Provide acknowledgments of EDI data received
  • Receive both planning and release documents to streamline the order process